Hello and welcome to my blog!

    So you’ve got a special day coming up? You’ve come to the right place! I’m Deanna, the founder of Uncorked Films. I am here to celebrate and capture all of life’s special moments with you. If you don’t want to spend your wedding day feeling like a stranger is following you around all day, I’m your girl. You want to spend your wedding day in the company of your closest family and friends – and I want to be that friend! With that said, I wanted to take some time to introduce myself.

    Ok, so here are the basics.

    1. My name is Deanna (we established this already but if you’re anything like me with names, it doesn’t hurt to say it again)

    2. I love animals, so if you have one it will most definitely end up in your wedding video.

    3. I grew up in Alberta but I have always dreamt of moving out to BC and I finally made it happen! I absolutely love living in the Okanagan and catch myself every day thinking ‘I love where I live’.

    4. I absolutely love travelling and adventure, especially the spontaneous type!

    5. I think the Rocky Mountains are some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. I love hiking and of course, taking pictures of breathtaking scenery. If I’m not working, you’ll find me in the mountains.

    6. I’ve always been that friend that has a camera out. I just love capturing moments and memories!

    7. I have 2 sisters and 1 niece who I absolutely adore

    8. I like to sing, dance, and play piano.

    9. I also love anything Disney or Broadway, which can be seen quite evidently in this video of my bridesmaid speech at my older sister’s wedding. If you need tips for your speech, I think I can help you with that too 😉

    10. My favourite colour is turquoise. It’s my birthstone.

    11. Some things that I could sit and watch forever are: waves on a beach, stars, and fire

    12. My favourite season is summer. My boyfriend calls me solar powered and I think that has got to be one of the most accurate descriptions of myself.

    13. If you play any Shania Twain at your wedding, I will probably (100% for sure) start dancing and singing

    14. I’ve been doing wedding videography for almost 6 years now. I initially wanted to do music videos but I fell in love with weddings and never stopped. I am so excited to see what memories I can help capture in the Okanagan.

    15. Growing up, my dream was to be a Disney princess.

    16. I’ve been to Disneyland too many times to count, but I’ve never filmed a wedding there (bucket list!)

    17. I have a cat named Meeko.. yes like the raccoon from the Disney movie Pocahontas. Seeing a theme yet?

    18. I have a fine arts degree

    19. I took a solo backpacking trip to Peru after graduating university. Do you ever plan on going there? Let’s chat about it!

    So those are a few things about me, but feel free to ask me anything. I’ll be doing more blog posts that go into a bit more detail about some of these things if you’re interested in getting to know me better!


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    August 8, 2019




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