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    Happy New Year everyone!

    2019 was such an incredible year for myself and for Uncorked Films and I am looking forward to what 2020 has to offer. It has been a year of growth, opportunity, challenges, and SO much love. I met some amazing couples and vendors along the way and I am very excited to continue building relationships in the Kelowna wedding industry and here in the Okanagan.

    With the start of a new year comes many newly engaged couples – I know you’ve all seen at least one ring shot in your social media feeds over the last few weeks! So let’s talk about what it’s like to be newly engaged and to now enter the wedding planning stage in your relationship! My first tip to all of you fiances out there with some new bling on that ring finger – enjoy being engaged! Don’t rush into the planning because it can be overwhelming. Take some time to soak in this new status of fiance before jumping in to the lists of dozens of wedding vendors and wedding venues. Post that “Does this ring make me look engaged?” mug photo! Show off the pictures you have of the proposal ( or the surprise proposal video you can re-watch if your fiance got in touch with me 😉 ). Revel in that moment when you call your partner your fiance for the first time. Soak it all in!

    Okay, now that you’ve done that we can get in to some wedding planning advice. You’ve got the date and you’ve picked out your venue – so you know you can get married at a place on a certain day! Perfect! You’ve started looking at photographers and videographers and the instagram feeds are overwhelming. You’ve never gotten married before. What questions do you ask? Where do you even start when trying to hire a wedding videographer? Do you really need a wedding video? This is where I am here to help. I understand that this is new to you and I am here to answer any and all questions. I actually love answering questions about wedding planning and about wedding videography! This is why I started keeping track of frequently asked questions by inquiring brides and grooms for you to have!


    1. How many hours of coverage do I need?
      • A very common way to organize wedding videography packages is by the number of hours of coverage on the wedding day. To an inquiring bride or groom, this can be very daunting. How on earth are you supposed to know how many hours of coverage you will need over a year in advance (which is approximately how far wedding videographer’s book out) ? The good news is that we don’t expect you to! The number of hours of coverage you need varies depending on how your wedding day is organized and that usually isn’t something that is planned that early. This is why I make sure that all of my couples know that it is okay to be unsure of the wedding day schedule upon booking a wedding videographer. I’ve been to more than a few weddings so I can help you figure this out. Take advantage of that!  I will ask you a few questions and once I have the answers to those I can usually approximate how many hours of coverage you will need to get everything you want in your wedding film captured.  The best part – if things change we can always add hours closer to the date when the schedule is finished. When you book your wedding with Uncorked Films, we have you booked for the entire day so adding hours is no problem at all! Some questions to consider when trying to decide how many hours of wedding video coverage you need are:
        • Do you want the prep filmed?
        • Do you want some footage of your guests on the dance floor after the formal reception program has finished?
        • Are there multiple locations that require traveling on the day? How much time will be spent travelling between these locations? 
        • Will you be allotting time from the photoshoot for family photos?
    2. What do you cover?
      • When you hire Uncorked Films to film your wedding day, I am there to capture everything that happens from the moment I arrive until the moment I leave (apart from people eating… I just can’t seem to make anybody look good eating in slow motion). I love being able to film the entire day from the prep to the guests tearing up the dance floor as I feel these events really help to tell the story in a wedding highlight film. It’s totally up to you though!
    3. What does “real-time” or “in full” mean?
      • In my packages you will see that I offer coverage of certain events “in full”. This means that you will get an edited version of that event from start to finish with the captured audio. I film these events with multiple cameras and microphones and then edit these multiple camera angles together to give you one full video of the event. If you would like to see an example of an “in full” ceremony or speeches video, send me an e-mail to and I will send you a link.
    4. What does highlights mean?
      • Highlights are clips that go in to the highlight film (usually over top of music). These are the creative shots showcasing events of the day that bring your highlight film together.Whitney & Ryan Wedding Photo
    5. Do you include audio from the vows or speeches in the highlight film?
      • An Uncorked Films wedding film is more than a bunch of pretty shots edited to music. One of my favourite things about being a wedding videographer is giving couples something that allows them to relive the most celebrated day of their relationship over and over again. Every wedding is different and what makes each wedding the most unique are the words exchanged in personal vows and in the speeches given at the reception. These words, spoken from the heart for those dearest to you to hear are probably my favourite part of a wedding day… so of course they are going to be featured in your wedding film!  When you watch an Uncorked Films wedding film, I want it to feel like you are there. If you are the bride or groom, I want your highlight film to take you right back to those moments and those feelings you felt on the day. If I’m totally honest, most times I am going to try to make you cry. If you don’t know the couple but are watching their wedding film, I want you to feel like you know them and yes, my goal is often to have you in tears too. How I achieve this connection and this storytelling is through audio. Usually most, if not all of the vows make the cut for the highlight film as these are the promises a couple makes to one another for the rest of their lives… they are genuine, heartfelt, beautiful, and make a great addition to a highlight film. I will also include the most heartwarming or hilarious sections of the speeches – the speeches that tell the story of you! What better way to tell the story of your relationship and your wedding day than through your own words?
    6. Do I choose the music for my highlight film or do you?
      • I purchase a license for all of the music used in my wedding films. I can spend hours trying to find the song for your highlight film and I will not stop searching until I find the perfect fit. I usually have an idea of how I want a wedding film to feel as soon as I finish filming based on the couple, the overall feel of the day, and the footage captured. I search and search until I find the song that is going to fit that feeling and tell the story of the day in the best possible way. If you wanted to go through the website I use to license my music to choose your song, you would probably save me a lot of time, but when it comes to music I think you should just trust me. I’ll find the perfect song. 🙂
    7. Do you have a drone?
      • I do have a drone and I will get aerial footage on your wedding day if the location and schedule allows for it.
    8. What is the turnaround time for our wedding video?
      • The maximum turnaround time for your wedding video is 6 months from the wedding date. The turnaround time will vary depending on what time of year you choose to get married and how large your wedding package is. Please keep in mind that wedding videographers are usually filming long days every single weekend which doesn’t allow for much editing time during the busy season. I do edit all of my weddings in order though and my average turnaround time is 2-3 months. However long it takes, it is definitely worth the wait!
    9. Do vendors require food and a seat at the reception?
      • The answer to this question completely depends on the conditions of the vendor and will likely be in your contract with them. As a vendor that is required to be around all day, yes I require seating and a meal at the reception. Wedding days are often long and there isn’t time for a break to go and get food so this is usually the only time we have to sit and eat. Also, as mentioned before, I won’t film people eating so it’s the perfect time for me to stop pretending I am a superhuman who doesn’t need food or water and just eat. Hungry vendors don’t usually make for happy vendors.. and we can only live off of protein bars for so long!
    10. How long do you keep my footage for?
      • I keep your wedding footage for as long as possible, but hard drives do fill and unfortunately I cannot store it forever. I will store your footage for a minimum of 2 years from the wedding date. 
    11. How long do you keep my wedding video files for?
      • You will receive your wedding video files from me on a USB or in a digital folder and I highly encourage that you make multiple copies and back those files up for yourself. Again, I will try to keep those files for as long as possible and for a minimum of 3 years from the wedding date, but I cannot store these files forever.Deanna filming a wedding
    12. What should I look for in a videographer?
      • When choosing your wedding videographer there are a lot of things to consider but one thing I will say is that you spend most of your wedding day with your photographer and videographer, so it makes it a lot more fun if you like them! Make sure you ask questions, watch their work to see their style, and if at all possible meet up with them so that they feel less like strangers on the day! 
    13. Why should I get a wedding video?
      • The biggest regret that I hear from brides and grooms is that they didn’t get a wedding video but wish that they had. The reviews speak for themselves! 
      • “I could not thank Deanna at Uncorked Films enough for this beautifully captured memory of our wedding day. I was unsure about getting a wedding video, and I am so unbelievably glad I did. Deanna was able to capture moments I will cherish for the rest of my life. There are so many moments that cannot be captured by photos and memories alone- you need a video to be able to re-live them to their fullest. Our video makes me laugh, and makes me cry. She captured those sweet little moments that would otherwise be missed, and edited it in such a way that embraces the style of our wedding and our relationship. It’s the perfect way to capture the best day of our lives. I would highly recommend Deanna to anyone, based on her passion and beautiful product.” 
      • “My husband and I recently hired Uncorked Films to film our very intimate, last minute wedding in West Kelowna. To say that we are happy with our wedding video is a massive understatement. Deanna has truly mastered the art of wedding videography/editing. We are blown away by the amount of content she was able to capture and even more impressed with the final product. Deanna was quick to respond to my questions and suggestions with the utmost professionalism. It is clear that Deanna is highly experienced, absolutely wonderful to work with and we would not hesitate to recommend her services to our friends, family and strangers alike. Thank you so much, Deanna!”

    Phew! That was a lot. If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments or send me an e-mail to I would love to be able to provide as much information as possible to help make this wedding planning process go as smooth as possible and I know I probably haven’t even come close to answering all of the questions you might have!


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