It is not very often we get to capture love stories 20 years in the making, but here we are. We pride ourselves on telling love stories, and it was a privilege to get to tell one as beautiful as this one. Kyle & Natalie have been in each other's lives since kindergarten, and after 12 years of dating, they finally tied the knot.

We’ve all heard of high school sweethearts, but it is not very often we hear of kindergarten sweethearts! When Natalie told me about her and Kyle’s fairytale love story I knew that their wedding film would have to do their love story justice. Their wedding day was beautiful with some of the most heartwarming vows and speeches of the season, but their film truly started to come together after the wedding. I reached out to Natalie and asked her if she had any old footage of her and Kyle together in their younger years. She compiled a collection of old VHS footage and cell phone clips from their high school days for me to incorporate into their film. How incredible is it that when they are talking about their kindergarten days, I could show some of those moments?

This film is truly all about Natalie and Kyle’s love story from start to finish and that is what I love so much about it.

Natalie & Kyle, thank you for sharing your love story with us and for allowing us to be a part of telling it!

With love,


“Our wedding film perfectly captures our love story. Deanna goes above and beyond to make sure she tells YOUR story. She doesn't just capture pretty footage from the day (although, her shots are amazing) she captures, ALL of the emotion. I cry every time I watch our film now.”