I will never forget reading Tamsen’s inquiry. I knew at that moment that I needed to be the one to document this incredible love story. I am so thankful they chose me to be the one to capture their special day - it is one I will truly never forget. Not only because the venue was evacuated due to forest fires shortly after we wrapped up filming. Not only because the last 2 hours of the reception could be described as none other than apocalyptic looking. Not only because they had BRUNCH instead of dinner! But because this is a love like no other. This is true love... and I had the privilege of witnessing it.

Tamsen & Josh’s love story is straight out of a fairy tale. They met in the middle of the dairy aisle and could not deny the magnetic connection between them. Tamsen believed she was cursed as her relationships didn’t seem to make it past the 1 year and 11-month mark, so they decided to track the length of their relationship by the number of dates they went on instead! They decided that if they made it to Date 105, they were meant to be. They made it, and I was lucky enough to get to document Date 111, their wedding date.

Tamsen & Josh, I will never be able to thank you enough for trusting me to capture such a momentous event in your relationship. The love you have for one another and the love that surrounds you both is like no other. I know how important your wedding video is to you, so I hope I did your love story justice.

With love,


“Holy s*** Deanna!!!! That was so fricken beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

Like. WOW! WOW! WOW!!! WOWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no words. THANK YOU!!! Our family will treasure that forever!!!”